M&M International offers the world’s finest equipment and supplies to manufacturers of
electronic components, solar wafers and solar panels.
P Energy Logo
  • PV panel fabrication equipment
  • R&D to turnkey solutions
  • Lab equipment
  • Laminators, tabber & stringers, framers
Dynachem ALT Logo
  • Dryfilm laminators
  • Vacuum laminators
  • Roll to roll systems
  • Diazo developers
Steinbach AG Logo
  • PTFE films
  • Silicone diaphragms
  • Release materials
  • Lab, R&D, Production Furnaces and Ovens
  • Circuit board processing equipment
  • LTCC Processing Equipment
RENA logo
  • PWB wet processing equipment
  • Chemical processing for roll to roll flex
  • Chemical milling wet processing equipment
Creativ logo
  • Tabbing and Stringing ribbons in spools for high volume production      
  • Cut ribbon for hand soldering
  • “L” shaped ribbons for easy bussing
Adhesive Applications logo
  • Film and foam tapes for manufacture, assembly and transport of photovoltaic products
pkmetal logo
  • MS2 Dross Elimination Technology
  • Reduce solder consumption by as much as 70%
  • Eliminates solder dross
M&M cut sheet laminator photo
  • M&M Cut sheet laminator blades
  • CO² based cleaning systems
  • Non-aqueous and non-polluting
  • Reduce labor and energy costs
  • Clean electronic components and assemblies
  • Clean parts after machining or laser